• 2019 MAX Participants Meeting:
  • Keynote Address: Building Race-Tracks for Big-Data Science: Present and Future
    (Inder Monga, ESnet DOE)

    State of MAX Update: 2019-2024 Strategic Plan, Infrastructure, Services, and Research
    (Tripti Sinha, MAX/University of Maryland)

    MAXedge Services
    (Xi Yang and Kevin Hildebrand, MAX/University of Maryland)

    Update on the Internet2 Next Generation Infrastructure Program
    (George Loftus, Internet2)

    Evolution of NOAA Trusted Internet Connection Access Provider (TICAP) and Adoption of TICAP Adjacent Services
    (Rob Sears, NOAA)

  • 2018 MAX Participants Meeting:
  • Keynote Address: Overview of the Internet2 national research and education network and perspectives on how technology trends will influence the core cyberinfrastructure needs of the research and higher education community into the future
    (Howard Pfeffer, Internet2)

    MAX State of Infrastructure, Services, and Research, and the MAX Partnership with Ciena
    (Tripti Sinha, MAX)

    MAX Edge and Cloud Services
    (Tom Lehman, MAX)

    Ciena Research Testbed
    (Marc Lyonnais, Ciena)

    Cloud Access Services and DDoS Update
    (George Loftus, Internet2)

    MAX Strategic Plan Update
    (Tripti Sinha, MAX)

  • 2017 MAX Participants Meeting:
  • The Digital Town Square – A City Edge Cloud
    (Glenn Ricart, US Ignite)

    MAX State of Infrastructure, Services, Research, and Partnerships
    (Tripti Sinha, MAX / Jack Belcher, Arlington County Government / Raju Namburu, U.S. Army Research Lab)

    Software Defined Exchange (SDX) and Software Defined ScienceDMZ (SD-SDMZ)
    (Tom Lehman, MAX)

    DDoS Mitigation and Internet2 Update
    (George Loftus, Internet2)

    TICAP Services
    (Rob Sears, NOAA)

  • MAX Fall 2014 All Hands Meeting:
  • MAX Presentation Slides

  • MAX Fall 2013 All Hands Meeting:
  • MAX Presentation Slides

  • MAX Spring 2012 All Hands Meeting:
  • MAX Presentation Slides – Administrative, Production, Research, and Services
    Optical Networks with ODIN in Smarter Data Centers: 2015 and Beyond (by Dr. Casimer DeCusatis, IBM Corp.)

  • MAX Fall 2011 All Hands Meeting:
  • MAX Presentation Slides – November 2011

  • 2010 Quilt GENI Workshop:
  • MAX and GENI Update for Quilt (by Tom Lehman) – July 2010

  • MAX in the News

  • October 1, 2012: University of Maryland Awarded NSF Grant to Integrate High-Performance Cyberinfrastructure that Facilitates Scientific Research with Science Applications
    April 20, 2012: MAX Builds Out 100G R&E Network
    April 17, 2012: MAX Launches 100G Network Supporting Advanced Research, Education, and Scientific Discovery
    November 29, 2011: NSF Awards Grants to the University of Maryland/MAX and Johns Hopkins University to Establish 100G Network
    November 10, 2008: Industry Leaders Collaborate on 40 Gbps Live Network Trial
    October 27, 2008: Mid-Atlantic Research Networks Collaborate to Boost Access
    October 29, 2007: MAX Creates Scalable Research and Education Network with Fujitsu ROADM
    November 3, 2006: MAX Deploys Ekinops PM 1001PC in 10GbE Trans-Atlantic Network
    May 27, 1998: A Blast From the Past – MAX’s First Press Release

  • University of Maryland – Office of Information Technology News

  • May 11, 2012: Colleges Take Many Paths to the Cloud – University of Maryland CIO, Brian Voss, Discusses Clouds on Campus
    August 23, 2011: University of Maryland Offers Eduroam Wireless Access to Students, Faculty, and Staff Which Allows Connectivity at any Participating Institution


    Experiences With Dynamic Circuit Creation in a Regional Network Testbed (by Angu and Ramamurthy, University of Nebraska-Lincoln) – April 2011
    Scheduling of GMPLS Path Services Using Switched and Fixed Paths (by Battou, Torab, and Walters) – 2010