Our Team


Tripti Sinha, Assistant Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
email:  tsinha@umd.edu
phone:  (301) 405-1721

Daniel Ditlevson, Administrative and Special Projects Coordinator
email: dditlevs@umd.edu
phone: (301) 405-4428

Business Development, Sales, and Marketing

Jean-Robert Barallon, Director of Business Development, Sales, and Marketing
email: jrb007@umd.edu
phone: (301) 405-2103


Don Wolfe, Director of Operations and Customer Engagement
email: jwolfe@umd.edu
phone: (301) 405-4441

Quang Bach, Senior Network Engineer
email: qbach@umd.edu
phone: (301) 314-9499

Bruce Crabill, Senior IT Engineer
email: bcrabill@umd.edu
phone: (301) 314-4127

Dave Diller, Senior Network Engineer
email: ddiller@umd.edu
phone: (301) 314-4155

Karl Reuss, Senior Cyberinfrastructure Architect
email: reuss@umd.edu
phone: (301) 405-2995

Kevin Hildebrand, HPC Architect
email: kevin@umd.edu
phone: (301) 405-0909

Thomas Payerle, HPC Engineer
email: payerle@umd.edu
phone: (301) 405-6135


Tom Lehman, Director of Research
email: tlehman@umd.edu
phone: (301) 314-6286

Dr. Xi Yang, Senior Research Scientist
email: maxyang@umd.edu
phone: (301) 405-3569

Alberto Jimenez, Software Development Engineer
email: ajimen93@umd.edu
phone: (301) 314-1508

Adam Smith, Research Student

Finance and Administration

Tessa Charlery, Director of Finance
email:  charlery@umd.edu
phone: (301) 314-4128

Tania Faulkner, Legal and Contract Administrator
email: tfaulkne@umd.edu
phone: (301) 405-4420

Tiombé Hurd, Finance Coordinator
email: tjhurd@umd.edu
phone: (301) 314-4126