Production Services

MAX engineers work closely with participants to provide the best services and maintain high reliability.

Core Services

  • Layer 1: Optical Lambda Transport Over DWDM Gear – 10G / 100G

  • MAX can provide a point-to-point optically-protected Layer 1 connection between any two points on our network. This is 100% dedicated bandwidth between your devices, and since everything is built on a ring topology, if there is a fiber cut you won’t even notice. If you have a need to connect beyond the mid-Atlantic region, we can also work with you to provide a nationwide lambda transport solution via Internet2’s WaveCo service.

  • Layer 2: Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) Transport – 1G/10G

  • This is similar to Layer 1 but is ethernet-based switching at Layer 2. We can provide VLANs across your existing ports to connect your locations together, or we can provide dedicated interfaces. The traffic goes across our non-oversubscribed 100G backbone, ensuring your packets get from end to end. We can work with your requirements for a national scope via Internet2 AL2S to connect you to your research partners in other regions.

  • Layer 3: Research and Education (R&E) Services Port

  • Internet2
    High performance services available based on the needs of the participant.

  • Colocation

  • If you have a need to collocate equipment, we can either collocate it for you directly in one of our locations, or coordinate on your behalf with our existing collocation providers around the region.

  • Commodity Internet Services

  • Tiered subscriptions available based on bandwidth level.

  • Next Generation Internet Exchange (NGIX) Connections

  • MAX runs the east coast federal agency peering fabric. Multiple federal agencies exchange traffic at this location.

  • Washington International Exchange (WIX) Connections

  • WIX is an international exchange point in Washington, DC that supports up to 100G Layer2 infrastructures to facilitate advanced peering among U.S. and international research and education networks.

Value-Added Services

  • Guidance through the initial connection process

  • Traffic Utilization Graphs

  • SmartHands

  • 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC) as a single point of contact for all issues