Resource Aware Intelligent Network Services (RAINS)

Resource Aware Intelligent Network Services (RAINS) is a DOE Office of Science funded project that conducts research and developing technologies to enable the integration of domain science specific compute, storage, and instrument resources within a software defined dynamic networking services environment.
The RAINS project has developed a Multi-Resource Markup Language (MRML), which is a standards based Semantic Web solution for unified modeling of network, compute, storage, clouds, interconnections and virtualization across the full stack of cyberinfrastructure. This framework allows resource owners/managers to locate and place themselves from a topology and service availability perspective within the dynamic network infrastructure. The RAINS system also provides intelligence to facilitate multi-resource computation, orchestration, and workflow assistance. The MRML modeling solution, computation functions, and orchestration intelligence has been implemented in the open source StackV software package developed at UMD/MAX. The RAINS project is a collaborative effort between University of Maryland (UMD) Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX) and Argonne National Laboratory (ANL). Additional information on the RAINS project is available here.