Regional Embedded Cloud for As-a-Service Transformation (RECAST)

The NSF funded Regional Embedded Cloud for As-a-Service Transformation project is developing an advanced regional software defined infrastructure based ScienceDMZ. The objective is to facilitate high-speed access to a variety of cyberinfrastructure resources connected to the UMD MAX regional network. Built upon technologies similar to those used in modern data centers this “cloudified SDMZ” will be able to provide scalable, multi-tenancy environment, where each user or user group can allocate dedicated resources and use the resources in an isolated, independent and elastic fashion. A key research challenge is the development of strong data plane, service plane, and security demarcation points between the regional infrastructure and connected domains.

The RECAST project proposed and developed concept and architecture of the Software Defined ScienceDMZ (SD-SDMZ). Additional information is available here. A production SD-SDMZ is currently deployed at the UMD/MAX RiverTech facility.