MAX is the Mid-Atlantic region’s source for ultra high speed research and education (R&E) networking. We provide service up to 100Gbit/sec Ethernet connections to the major universities, research institutions, government labs and federal agencies that enable them to perform data-intensive, cutting-edge projects with one another. We exist to enable and foster collaboration between our participants across the network. Beyond the Capital Region, we serve as the onramp to the Internet2 backbone with the full suite of services provided by the network available. If you’re trying to collaborate on a data-intensive project with another research institution in a different part of the country, we have several solutions available to help you make that happen. See Production Services for more details.

MAX’s Current PoPs

    • (3) in Washington, DC
    • (7) in Maryland
    • (5) in Northern Virginia

(see the Network Infrastructure section for exact PoP locations)