Production Services

MAX engineers work closely with participants to provide the best services and maintain high reliability.

Core Services

  • Layer 1: Optical Lambda Transport Over DWDM Gear – 10G / 100G

  • MAX can provide a point-to-point optically-protected Layer 1 connection between any two points on our network. This is 100% dedicated bandwidth between your devices, and since everything is built on a ring topology, if there is a fiber cut you won’t even notice. If you have a need to connect beyond the mid-Atlantic region, we can also work with you to provide a nationwide lambda transport solution via Internet2’s WaveCo service.

  • Layer 2: Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) Transport – 1G/10G

  • This is similar to Layer 1 but is ethernet-based switching at Layer 2. We can provide VLANs across your existing ports to connect your locations together, or we can provide dedicated interfaces. The traffic goes across our non-oversubscribed 100G backbone, ensuring your packets get from end to end. We can work with your requirements for a national scope via Internet2 AL2S to connect you to your research partners in other regions.

  • Layer 3: Research and Education (R&E) Services Port

  • Internet2
    High performance services available based on the needs of the participant.

  • Colocation

  • If you have a need to collocate equipment, we can either collocate it for you directly in one of our locations, or coordinate on your behalf with our existing collocation providers around the region.

  • Commodity Internet Services

  • Tiered subscriptions available based on bandwidth level.

  • Next Generation Internet Exchange (NGIX) Connections

  • MAX runs the east coast federal agency peering fabric. Multiple federal agencies exchange traffic at this location.

  • Washington International Exchange (WIX) Connections

  • WIX is an international exchange point in Washington, DC that supports up to 100G Layer2 infrastructures to facilitate advanced peering among U.S. and international research and education networks.

  • AWS Direct Connect

  • AWS Direct Connect is a service provided by AWS. It is a dedicated peering point with Amazon and AWS with some added benefits. Unlike other truly virtual services provided by AWS, such as EC2 or S3, Direct Connect requires physical infrastructure in order to provision this service. MAX has acquired this service and is offering it to its current and future participants. Users of this service will reap the following benefits:

    1. dedicated path to AWS and Amazon
    2. discounted pricing on data transfers out of AWS (inbound transfers are free for all)
    3. possibility to peer on private address spaces in connection with the AWS Virtual Private Cloud service

    Click here for additional information on AWS Direct Connect and its possible arrangements.

  • DDoS Mitigation Services

  • MAX offers a cloud-based volumetric DDoS scrubbing service. The service is a valuable tool that will help customers protect their networks from the increasing threat of DDoS attacks. Radware, the commercial provider chosen for this service, has terabits of network capacity dedicated to mitigating DDoS attacks. When hosts on a customer’s network come under attack, this service can be used to redirect all traffic destined for affected hosts to the Radware network where the traffic is “scrubbed,” allowing only legitimate non-attack traffic to be returned to its intended destination over the customer’s MAX connection. Radware also offers an optional service that monitors the customer’s border routers and will initiate DDoS scrubbing automatically.

    Service Levels:
    Standard: Includes Tenant Service allowing customers to peer directly with Radware and access their SOC and customer portal.

    Optional: Radware Monitored Router Service allows Radware to automatically engage DDoS scrubbing when necessary.

    Value-Added Services

    • Guidance through the initial connection process

    • Traffic Utilization Graphs

    • SmartHands

    • 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC) as a single point of contact for all issues