The Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX) has a long history of research, innovation, and technology development within the Research and Education (R&E) advanced network and cyberinfrastructure community. This ecosystem consists of large and diverse set of organizations such as Internet2, the Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Sciences Network (ESnet), over thirty regional networks, and many advanced research organizations/facilities across the nation. This includes connections to many unique cyberinfrastructure resources such as campus-scale High Performance Computing (HPC) systems, DOE, National Science Foundation (NSF), and Department of Defense (DOD) funded Supercomputer facilities, and specialized scientific instruments/big data repositories. The MAX approach is to operate an advanced production network infrastructure and simultaneously conduct Research and Development (R&D) activities.

Sponsored research projects from the NSF, DOE, and DOD are the vehicle for these research initiatives which revolve around software defined networking, network virtualization, and the integration of network services, compute, storage, instruments, and application workflows. A key objective for these research projects is to further the development and deployment of cutting edge cyberinfrastructure and services in order to provide value added benefits for domain scientist and MAX participants.

Additional information on these and other MAX research activities can be found on the Research Projects section of the MAX website. We encourage anyone interested in participating in current projects or in helping to formulate new activities to contact MAX’s research team.